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Instant paint protection

Small scratches can quickly appear on car paintwork, but they can be avoided altogether. Prevent minor damage from stones and the like with our self-adhesive protective films. They ensure that your automobile will always look its very best.
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tesa AUTO

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The nearly invisible films provide lasting protection for your car's paintwork. You can also use them to take the bite out of your garage walls.
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tesa® AUTO Fix – For easily mounting all kinds of objects


Get organized with our mounting solutions for cell phone holders, glasses cases and first-aid boxes.
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tesa® AUTO Repair Transparent


Secure loose parts in a flash or mend the roof of a convertible? It's no problem with these versatile repair tapes, which have been specially developed for cars.
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Scratches Map

tesa AUTO scratch map

Scratches Map

Which spots on a car would benefit most from protective films? Our scratch map shows you the areas most at risk.
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A few examples of how tesa® AUTO can also help you.