tesapack® strong

Product Features The good performance tesa® carton sealing tape for medium-weight parcels and packages.
  • Strong PP backing
  • Solvent-free adhesive with high UV-resistance
  • Good sealing security due to high shear adhesive
  • Even, low-noise unwinding
  • Suitable for use in all tesa® hand dispensers
Order No. Colors Dimension/Content Info
05042-05 transparent 66 m : 38 mm contour cuff
05042-06 brown 66 m : 38 mm contour cuff
05044-05 transparent 66 m : 50 mm contour cuff
05044-06 brown 66 m : 50 mm contour cuff
57165 transparent 66m : 38mm not packed, labelled
57166 brown 66m : 38mm not packed, labelled
57167 transparent 66m : 50mm labelled
57168 brown 66m : 50mm not packed, labelled
57799 transparent 3 x 66m : 50mm 3 rolls
tesapack® strong is a premium-quality carton sealing tape matching a wide range of typical household and commercial applications. It is a tear-proof packing tape designed to securely seal any shipping carton, parcel or package to protects its contents during shipping.

Tear-proof for demaning applications
tesapack® strong is a brown packaging tape made from a tear-proof PVC film that adds extra security and offers reliable carton sealing. It is a multi-purpose tape that is suggested especially for sealing medium-weight to heavy parcels and packages. It is also perfectly suited for packaging and bundling any heavy items.

Strong adhesion for reliable sealing
Matching the tear-proof quality of its PVC backing, tesapack® strong also features a strong self-adhesive coating based on natural rubber. It sticks perfectly on any shipping carton and guarantees high adhesion for safe transportation.

Versatile for home and professional use
While tesapack® strong was originally developed for typical household applications, it is also the preferred packaging tape of many online shops. Providers of ecommerce solutions appreciate it as a cost-effective carton sealing tape offering superior performance for big and small, medium-weight and heavy parcels.

Easy and efficient application
tesapack® strong easily unwinds from its core without causing any excessive noise. It can also be used with any of the tesa® handheld dispensers that are designed for easy application and precise cutting of the tape.