tesa® Insulating Tape

Electrical PVC tape made for insulating and binding electric cables
tesa® Insulating Tape
Product Features tesa Insulating Tape is an electric PVC tape available in four different colours. It serves as a universal electrical insulating tape for all kinds of cables, such as power cords, speaker cables and headphone cables. Use it to temporarily repair a damaged power cord in order to restore its electricity safety. It is also ideal to color code the wiring of entertainment systems or computer equipment. In many situations it is even ideal for insulating electrical household devices, such as toasters, coffee machines.
  • For insulating and binding electric cables
  • Protects cable coverings
  • Flame-retardant
  • Easy to wrap and mould around uneven surfaces
  • Safe electrical power protection up to 6.000v
  • Certified according to IEC Norm 454-3-1
Order No. Colors Dimension/Content Info
56192-10 black 10m x 15mm cellophane wrapped
56192-11 white 10m x 15mm cellophane wrapped
56192-13 red 10m x 15mm cellophane wrapped
56193-00 black 10m x 15mm blister
56193-01 white 10m x 15mm blister
56193-02 blue 10m x 15mm blister
56193-03 red 10m x 15mm blister
56193-08 yellowgreen 10m x 15mm blister
tesa electrical insulation tape is a versatile PVC tape that is ready for a multitude of applications in the home and the office. Use it for marking, color-coding, repairing and bundling any kind of audio, video or power cable.

Flame-retardant electrical insulation tape

If a power cord accidentally gets pinched or cut, immediate action is required to restore its electricity safety. The tesa Insulating Tape is a perfect cable protector ready to at least temporarily take care of any insulation problem. It offers temporary resistance against flames and is able to maintain the electrical power protection for connections of up to 6,000 volts.

Effectively insulating headphone cables

Headphone cables or many other audio and video cables are subjected to wear and may get damaged in course of time. Using tesa Insulating Tape, you can easily maintain the function of such cables without necessarily having to repace a defective cable.

Organizing the cable clutter

Modern audio/video entertainment systems require extensive wiring to connect speakers and electronic components. tesa Insulating Tape is available in black, red, blue and white. This makes this insulating cable ideal for color-coding all the different terminals and the related audio, video and power cables. It is also perfect for bunding cables to reduce cable clutter to a minimum.

Certified electrical safety

tesa Insulating Tape is the preferred electrical PVC tape of electricians all over Europe. The tape is not only easy to handle and perfectly moulds around uneven surfaces. It is also flame retardant and comes with a safety certificate according to the IEC standard 454-3-1.