Strategy and management

Responsible action comes from a long and vibrant tradition in tesa SE and its subsidiaries. With this in mind, sustainable economic activity forms the foundation of our global business processes – firmly embedded in the minds of the Executive Board and in our strategy.
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Today, tesa is one of the world’s leading companies in the self-adhesive technology sector. Our long-running success story is not just associated with innovative ideas, quality and technological progress. Influential factors also include taking responsibility for people and the environment. The aim is to protect ecological resources and to have a positive influence on the society in which we live and trade, through social engagement.

Areas of activity
We have embedded these sustainable business policies in our strategy and in the minds of the Executive Board at tesa SE. We behave pro-actively and concentrate on the four areas of activity of products, environment, employees and society. Quality and safety, protecting resources, respect and fairness, as well as the encouragement of children and young people, are just some aspects which are associated with this.

The overall coordination of the individual building blocks is carried out by a steering group. The team is made up of employees from the areas of personnel, communication, environment and corporate social responsibility, under leadership of the Human Resources management.


Integrated Management System

A holistic view of all the business processes that are necessary for the fulfillment of the company's individual tasks and goals is a crucial basis for our activities. These are reflected in the tesa Integrated Management System (IMS), divided into the five main processes of Innovation, Marketing, Supply Chain and Consumer Management – just as in the structure of tesa SE and its subsidiaries. The IMS not only integrates the requirements of modern, international standards-oriented quality management. It also includes topics such as corporate responsibility and comprehensive environmental protection and occupational safety.


Business Conduct Responsibility

Business Conduct

Clear codes of conduct and guidelines contribute significantly to preserving the trust of users and customers in tesa.
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memberships responsibility


At tesa we set high benchmarks and demanding minimum standards. We underpin these with memberships of recognized initiatives and associations.
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Certifications responsibility


We are guided globally by international quality, environmental and occupational safety standards. We regularly check that they are being adhered to.
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