As a company in the chemical industry we are committed to a particular responsibility for preserving a future worth living in. We combine this with a sophisticated environment management system. The regular monitoring of procedures and a constant improvement process are all part of our strategy.
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tesa has taken the initiative and responsibility to engage in preventative environmental protection measures. Over a period of ten years, the two cycles (2002-2006 and 2007-2013) of our internationally applicable environmental program ensured that all tesa locations now have very high environmental standards. The binding goals at the focus of this program included energy savings, significant reductions in the use of solvents, decreased CO2 and VOC emissions, and minimizing waste. We were able to make the greatest strides thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and new, patented tesa processes. Altogether, a number of smaller measures also made a bit impact.

Product life cycle in the look
In the future we will continue to do everything in our power to maintain our high standards and to continue improving with reasonable measures. At the same time, we are increasingly concentrating on the entire life cycle of our products both now and in the future. From obtaining raw materials to later disposal after use, we are calculating the ecological footprint and consistently determining the best options for eco-friendlier alternatives. Another important aspect of our environmental commitment is energy consumption. Here we are focusing on introducing energy management systems that will enable ultra modern energy monitoring.

Environmental targets 2007 – 2014
Energy consumption -24 percent*
CO2-emissions in Europe -17 percent*
Use of solvents - 31 percent*
Waste for disposal - 68 percent*
VOC** emissions - 88 percent*

(* related to production output in 2006)
(**VOC = volatile organic compounds)
  • Our environmental guidelines

    1. We attach great importance to the sustainable handling of energy and energy efficiency.
    2. We undertake to comply with legal regulations and requirements regarding energy use and energy consumption in production and are furthermore committed to continuous improvement of operational energy management and energy efficiency.
    3. We undertake to make allowance for energy efficiency as a major basis for our decisions when selecting new machines or installations and in the technical equipment of buildings.
    4. We regularly monitor our energy requirements and consumption.
    At the same time, we undertake to identify and evaluate energy saving potential and implement the measures deduced with appropriate resources.
    5. We actively involve our employees in energy management, inform them regularly of our activities and provide them with further education in the context of training measures.
    6. We involve contractual partners and third party companies that will be working for us in our energy management.


Environment Emissions Responsibility

Energy and emissions

In order to maintain low energy consumption and emissions, tesa consistently implements improvement measures.
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Solvents Responsibility


Innovative and patented processes relating to the use of solvents result in a consistent reduction.
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Waste responsibility


We protect the environment and resources through the reduction of waste and an increase in professional recycling.
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